Themed jewelry collections, inspired by nature and sculpted into the material.

The exploration of organic forms and the pursuit of a refined yet iconic style establish a clear link with Polène leather goods. The jewelry line adheres to the same high standards for unique, inventive designs, noble materials, and skilled craftsmanship.

The Éole Collection

This collection emphasizes curves with fluid patterns, swirling metal ribbons and sculptural spirals inspired by the undulations of the wind. The material’s rigidity serves to freeze the wind’s choreographic character in motion. The shapes are first designed and then adjusted with metal sheets to achieve the desired curvature, which is then re-translated into 3D design and printed to freeze the final movement. This resin version serves as a prototype for the production mold.


The Eroz Collection

Inspired by mineral landscapes, this collection sculpts detailed textures in brass to mimic the appearance of rock. Its raw character is matched by the elegance of its chains, hollowed-out pendants, and hoop earrings, blending polished fluidity and granite texture in a single piece.


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